MIDAS Software Solutions | Midas Structured Reporting Software
With MIDAS, reports can be customised to suit individual reporting clinicians’ requirements with all appropriate details provided for the referrer. Midas produces a provisional report complete with key images, worksheets, diagrams, graphs, and charts within a few seconds by interpreting the measurements and observations from the study data.
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Midas Structured Reporting Software

Midas integrates directly with your existing software providers and takes input from all stages of workflow and provides comprehensive support for all ultrasound exams.


Structured Reporting

Practices are now considering replacing existing dictation methods with ‘Structured Reporting’. Clinicians display and inspect images while creating diagnostic reports by assembling and customising partially prewritten and interconnected reports from a library of templates and macros. However, this approach is quite inflexible. The report format is fixed by the templates and the reporting Clinicians are often frustrated by the inability to customize the templates or incorporating higher order diagnostic observations based on the raw data in the report statements.


The Solution

Midas is a more intelligent ‘interpretive’ reporting solution that will assist the clinician to review images and data, make observations and apply diagnostic logic to auto-generate a draft/final report. MIDAS Software Solutions has been working with published standards as well as experts in the fields of Obstetrics, Vascular, Cardiology and Radiology to capture and encode evidence-based best practice and clinical knowledge for diagnosis and reporting. These knowledge bases are customisable to the needs of individual practices, without requiring the entire system to be updated.