MIDAS Software Solutions | DICOM Solutions | Structured Reporting Software - Midas Software is an intelligent, interpretive reporting software solution
DICOM Solutions - Midas is an intelligent interpretive reporting software platform, fully customisable and a world first that is used for a wide range of diagnostic medical examinations.
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iQ-VIEW is an easy-to-use reading station that has been designed by radiologists for radiologists.


The software is available in two different versions: BASIC and PRO. The BASIC version was developed as a reading station for all physicians, such as orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, veterinarians and internal specialists, while iQ-VIEW PRO is optimized for radiology and nuclear medicine requirements.


iQ-VIEW can be integrated into virtually any RIS, EMR or HIS available on today’s market. Additional modules for 3D post-processing, nuclear medicine, orthopedic templating, image stitching and more equip specialty readers with the required tools.


iQ-VIEW is a fast and powerful reading station, which includes many additional useful features, such as a basic structured reporting module. It is also ideal for teleradiology purposes – encrypted DICOM email makes it possible.


iQ-VIEW is the first viewer worldwide that has received the DICOM-CD certificate of the German Radiological Society. This guarantees that portable media created with iQ-VIEW fulfill the requirements for DICOM media and they can be used properly on any computer fulfilling the minimum requirements.



iQ-WEBX is a complete, easy-to-use and affordable solution for storage, viewing and distribution of any medical imaging studies and reports.


iQ-WEBX consists of several applications in only one package:


  • DICOM Server: enables the communication between the modalities and the Archive Server
  • Archive Server: stores up to 500 million images in one database
  • Web Server: allows the web-based distribution of any medical images and reports
  • iQ-X Web Viewer: provides an interactive diagnostic web viewer with all clinically required image processing features



iQ-RIS is a flexible radiology information system, which can easily be customized to meet the requirements of any hospital or imaging center.


Representing the next generation of radiology information systems, iQ-RIS offers superb tools for the optimization of the radiological workflow and allows an integration with almost any PACS. Since iQ-RIS is available as a modular system, it can be flexibly adapted to the individual needs of any radiology practice. Even the most basic version of iQ-RIS includes a number of valuable features to manage the radiological workflow in an optimal way.