MIDAS Software Solutions | Midas Benefits | Structured Reporting Software - Midas Software is an intelligent, interpretive reporting software solution
Midas Benefits - Midas is an intelligent interpretive reporting software platform, fully customisable and a world first that is used for a wide range of diagnostic medical examinations.
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Saves time, improves quality, speeds up turnaround:

  • No manual transcription of demographics, measurement data and observations
  • No need to hand draw and scan worksheets. MIDAS supports electronic drawing on embedded, customisable worksheet templates and can even automatically annotate the worksheet with measurements


Improves team communication:

  • Sonographer/technician and reporting doctor subscribe to an agreed set of criteria and reporting language


Facilitates a QA framework:

  • When training staff by providing an instant feedback mechanism for required measurements in a study



Saves time, resources and money:

  • The MIDAS rules engine generates a draft report by interpreting the measurements and observations. In a high percentage of ‘standard’ studies, little or no amendments will need to be made to the draft report, thus saving 10-15 minutes per hour,per day for each reporting doctor


Improves quality:

  • Supports application of standardised terminology and clinical criteria eg ASE, ASUM, RSNA etc.
  • Review of older studies no longer has to be related to the context of a particular reporting doctor
  • MIDAS can enforce the compulsory reporting of particular study attributes – eg foetal heart rate
  • Doctors spend less time on transcribing, dictating and reporting and have more time for extra patients, teaching, patient visits, education etc.


Supports a flexible work environment:

  • Doctors can connect to MIDAS via the internet using mobile technology
  • MIDAS thus facilitates a quick referral of a study for a second opinion if required


MIDAS supports research / teaching:

  • A data mining facility enables keyword searching of the study database; because all the data is stored in a structured (rather than free text) format, researchers can determine cohorts of studies based on a set of criteria – eg all male patients > 45 years old with a stenosis greater than 50% in the CCA



Cost Savings:

  • MIDAS saves each reporting clinician 10-15 minutes each hour every working day
  • Time savings for sonographers/technicians means higher patient throughput
  • Faster turnaround on patient processing and report generation means that inpatients who are non-problematic can be discharged and length of stay reduced
  • Transcription costs are virtually eliminated
  • All the benefits of MIDAS are available on pay per report monthly subscription plans



  • MIDAS keeps track of all versions of reports and has the data available to generate quantified reports on machine / room / sonographer / doctor utilisation



  • Reporting is based on agreed standards and terminology
  • Error rate is reduced by automating the data transfer


Local knowledge and support:

  • MIDAS is 100% designed and developed in Australia