MIDAS Software Solutions | Midas Software - Structured Reporting Software - Midas Software is an intelligent, interpretive reporting software solution
Midas is an intelligent interpretive reporting software platform, fully customisable and a world first that is used for a wide range of diagnostic medical examinations.
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Integrates Into Your Existing Workflow


Reports can be customised to suit individual reporting clinicians’ requirements. All appropriate detail provided for the referrer. Built in MIDAS database also provides extensive data mining capabilities, giving immediate access to all your information.


MIDAS can import any file format from any system. Access the provisional reports with any device. MIDAS outputs can be provided in a range of formats for other software packages to import and can also be cloud hosted on a pay per report basis.


Electronically transfer the examination data from a range of exams and let MIDAS generate instantaneous, interpretive draft reports and populated worksheets with graphs, charts, key images, etc. Saves 1-2 hours per day for both sonographer and clinician.


MIDAS works on a single workstation, laptop, windows tablet, iPad, Android, Mac OSX or on a server for multiple users across the web. Also available in the cloud on a per exam monthly subscription.


Saves time, improves quality, speeds up turnaround:

  • No manual transcription of demographics, measurement data and observations
  • No need to hand draw and scan worksheets. MIDAS supports electronic drawing on embedded, customisable worksheet templates and can even automatically annotate the worksheet with measurements


Improves team communication:

  • Sonographer/technician and reporting doctor subscribe to an agreed set of criteria and reporting language


Facilitates a QA framework:

  • When training staff by providing an instant feedback mechanism for required measurements in a study


MIDAS Software is constantly increasing the number of Reporting Licence modules that are currently available.